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Our commercial coffee machines

It's a well-known fact that the availability of a good cup of coffee in the office, thanks to a quality espresso machine, can contribute to employee well-being. A freshly ground cup of coffee can help boost energy and concentration, which can of course have a positive impact on productivity.

At CafCaf, we offer you a wide choice of commercial coffee machines with different coffee brewing systems, to equip you to best suit your needs and reality. Because every business has different needs, we'll discuss with you what kind of coffee machine will best suit your workplace and your employees. It's good to know that these days espresso machines, for example, generally offer the possibility of customizing drinks to suit individual preferences, which can greatly enhance the overall office experience.

Our equipment is categorized by infusion system, as listed below.

Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of our coffee break service.

Our automated barista robots

Preparing original, made-to-measure coffees in seconds is an art that has long been reserved for baristas. 
Automated barista robots can now do just that.

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Our espresso machines

An exceptional coffee in a matter of seconds, with the option of specialty coffees such as cappuccino or café latté.

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Our filter coffee machines

A simple system for preparing coffee at lower cost, without neglecting the quality of the coffee in the cup.

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Our capsule machines

Our capsule machines make it possible to enjoy great vintages, without requiring a high level of technical mastery in terms of preparation.

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Our single-brew machines

For easy access to quality coffee, choose the right type of coffee and other beverages such as tea or chocolate.

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